Todobebé, Inc. the family media company, today announced that it is expanding access to and options for participation in its proprietary research conducted through its panel of Hispanic Moms who are expecting and raising children 0-5 in the home.

Since 1999, the company's continuous access to and proprietary market research on the preferences, behaviors, perceptions, and needs, of Spanish speaking moms has guided its decision-making and development of new properties in the U.S. and Latin America.

Todobebé is now opening access to monthly research that it conducts via mom panels recruited on an annual basis as part of the Viva la Familia Fiesta, and throughout the year via the Todobebé Digital Club.

The panel sample is the largest known specifically consisting of moms planning, expecting and raising children 0-5 who are bi-lingual or dominant Spanish speakers living in the United States.

The new offering will allow companies, non-profits and associations the chance to design questions for monthly panels and conduct follow up on a quarterly or annual basis.

Listed below are highlights on the current mom panel participants:

Respondent Demographics

* 80% Are Spanish-dominant or Spanish-preferred.

* 78% Are between the ages of 18-34.

* 53% Are full-time moms.

* 41% Are employed full- or part-time.

Participant relationship to

* 64% Have been visiting the site for 0-12 months

* 29% Have been visiting the site for 1-3 years

* 26% Visit the site on a daily basis

* 51% Visit the site on a weekly basis

* 67% Spend from 30 mins. to 1 hour per visit

* 20% Spend more than 1 hour per visit

Areas & Channels Most Frequently Visited:

* 87% Mi Todobebé (Photo Gallery, Forums)

* 59% Tools (Calendars)

* 24% Planning Channel

* 23% Pregnancy Channel

* 80% Parenting Channel

* 82% Family Health Channel

* 65% ¡Viva la Familia! TV Photo Gallery

Upcoming research panels include: Health & Nutrition, Retail Buying Habits, Wireless Usage, Beauty/Fashion and Holiday Traditions. International panels are also being developed.

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