While you may not have heard of Pensacola, FL-based company Tinbu, LLC, if you have visited sites like Terra, AOL Latino or AOL Mexico, MSN Latino or Telemundo, you have most likely encountered their content.

Tinbu is essentially a content aggregator which packages the content into modules that are then seamlessly deployed onto partner websites.

The company has 12 separate content modules available in many different languages, including: Lottery, Horoscopes, North American Fuel Pricing (Searchable by Zip Code), Miles Per Gallon Comparison (Comparing Cars Gas Consumption), Recipes, Interactive Global Weather, Swimsuit Models, Global Soccer, Sports, Mortgages, Flight Tracker and Exercise Videos.

"One of the most attractive features of our content modules is that they can be easily deployed onto partner websites and integrated seamlessly into the rest of the given web page" says Tinbu VP of Marketing Peter Hayward.

Hayward says that the much of the company's marketing is really word-of-mouth through participation in trade shows such as Ad-Tech. "Mostly, though, people will be on one of our clients websites and will see that the page says 'Powered by Tinbu' and will come to us that way."

 The company outlines the following benefits of its products:  

* Increase page views
* Increase site traffic or mobile application utilization
* Generate increased advertising and sponsorship opportunities for clients
|* Offer turnkey solutions that are fully customizable for each client
* Multilingual content modules, including Spanish and German

Tinbu is currently developing joint venture partnerships to create additional content modules using its patent pending technology.


Portada Staff

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