December 4, 2006
The New Migration: Offline Content Moves Online

Just as advertisers are realizing that they can maximize their existing content by adapting it to the online space, so too are publishers, as they not only make offline content available online, but also exploit the digital medium to enhance that content in ways not possible with print media.

Speaking on how Time Inc. is taking advantage of the Web's resources, Head of Latin American Licensing Jennifer Savage said of InStyle en Espanol,“While a reader of the print edition can paste a page-marker to remind her to purchase the dress that Cameron Diaz was seen wearing at the Oscar's, a visitor to the magazine's website can click on that dress and buy it right then.” The e-commerce implications are impressive, as is the value-added for advertisers.

Furthermore, far from merely accepting that readers are moving online and appeasing them by posting content there, the new dynamic provides the opportunity to bolster both editions by leveraging the strengths of each against the other; i.e., the potential for cross-promotional activity is ripe.


Portada Staff

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