Portada: What is your expectation in terms of online revenues vs total Houston Chron Hispanic pubs, Advertising revenues in 2008?

Loida Ruiz: Our print products are still stronger than our onlineproducts, revenue-wise. The percentage of our Hispanic revenue that goes to online is still very small.

Portada: Are you able to cross sell print advertisers into online?

Loida Ruiz: Yes.  We have launched a print up-sell program to chron.com/espanol.  For $5 per column inch an advertiser can pick up their print ad and we will convert it into a 160×600 Skyscraper to run for the entire week on the front page of chron.com/Spanish, as a “share of voice” position.

Portada: In selling online advertising are online advertising networks increasing in importance when selling to you?

Loida Ruiz
: Yes, without a doubt. We believe this is where the most growth will come from in the future.

Portada: Do you use your website as added value for print advertisers?

Gerald Johnson: No, we don’t use online as added value. Chron.com/Spanish is part of our main site Chron.com which has 5,352,565 total unique visitors. Each unique visitor views 12.4 pages per month, and 64% return in less than 1 day, while 88% return within the week.

Chron.com/Spanish has a refernce link on the front page of chron.com inviting readers to read each day’s top story. The Spanish channel is one of the fastest growing areas of chron.com, especially our three blogs. We have a great Sports blog, “Bajo la Lupa.” We also have a news blog, “Pulso Latino,” and an entertainment blog, “La Ventana de Sindy,” which are all becoming very popular with our readers.

Portada: Do you have any initiatives on the mobile content side?

Gerald Johnson:  Mobile is definitely a core part of our strategy. We won't implement it this year, though, since we would rather concentrate on fully developing our Spanish-language online operation first.


Portada Staff

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