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Un Buen Doctor began as an online tool to help Hispanics find health services, but is now also published as a print edition, with 30,000 monthly copies. It is delivered through a controlled distribution system that specifically targets high Hispanic traffic stores located in the highest Hispanic density areas. Its main advertisers are in the Health, Beauty, Nutrition and Recreation categories.  “We have expanded our platform to complete a basic multimedia opportunity by offering a combo package that includes the Un Buen Doctor Magazine, the Web Site and the Un Buen Doctor TV program that airs on HITN twice a week,” says publisher Carlos Olea, who says that the online vehicle remains their strongest: “The site allows the Hispanic community to search for doctors in their area, find health and fitness tips and read the last minute health related news. It also offers non-profit organizations an outlet to announce their health fairs and events for free.”

Written by ICPS-member doctors, Medico de Familia—which means "family doctor" in Spanish—has a monthly circulation of 60,000. The ICPS is the largest association of Hispanic physicians in the nation, with over 39,000 physicians in its ranks. It is distributed at over 20,000 medical clinics covering all major Hispanic DMAs.

Newspaper Insert

According to the publisher of Medico de Familia (Parlante Inc,), starting in Q1 2008, Médico de Familia will reach an estimated 3.9 million new heads of households with a spe-cial condensed edition that will run in Spanish newspapers in the nation’s top 10 Hispanic markets: Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, San Francisco, San Antonio, Phoenix and McAllen.

Televisa publishes Men's Health en español, which is published primarily for the Latin American market and is more about leading a healthy lifestyle than about healthcare issues. It has a paid circ. 35,000 in US Hispanic market — subscriptions 15,372, single copy sales 19,628, full-page ad US $6,000, CPM US $171.40).

With the acquisition of Prevention en español, Televisa was betting on increased ad revenues from the expanding Pharma/Health print advertising sub sector. Apparently that never happened, as the magazine ceased publication last June. “The pharma and health advertisers in the U.S. Hispanic market are very volatile and don’t really have steady budgets or solid campaigns. We still have the edition in PR and Latin America and the Mexico edition circulates on some newstands in the U.S.,” marketing director Guillermo Plehn recently told Portada.

Women’s Health Mags

One growing sector in women’s magazines, apart from entertainment, is women’s health. The North Carolina Healthy Start Foundation announced the launch of Mujer Total (Total Woman), a 20-page, Spanish-language magazine that provides practical tips and helpful information encouraging women to live a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their babies should they become pregnant.

In addition to warning against unhealthy habits, the publication also reinforces the positive behaviors that Latino women display in greater numbers that other racial and ethnic groups, such as breastfeeding their babies and not smoking. Mujer Total was developed with the support of The NC Division of Public Health. This and other English and Spanish health educational materials can be ordered in bulk for free on the North Carolina Healthy Start Foundation's website at 

Toda Mujer  was launched in 2004 as the largest Hispanic healthcare patient-education publication in the U.S.A. and sister-publication to Every Woman. In 2005 the both publications were bought from British company Profile Pursuit by U.S. based Health Spring Communications. Toda Mujer included healthy recipes, health and wellness guides, celebrity interviews and an annual screening guide. It also featured a special section on parenting. The publication was available through healthcare providers and also through subscription. Portada has not been able to confirm that the publication is still being published.

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