Portada: What is the main rationale for Certifica Acquisition? (Their client base?)

Alex Banks: The Certifica acquisition further expands comScore’s presence in Latin America and gives us a more commanding presence in the region with local sales and support. Additionally, the acquisition gives us the opportunity to further leverage our Media Metrix 360 initiative throughout Latin America and enables us to cross-sell comScore services to the existing Certifica client base.


P: How do Certificas methodologies meld with yours? 

A.B.: We will begin to immediately integrate Certifica’s web analytics data (for clients who choose to participate) with our existing panel-based data as part of the Media Metrix 360 initiative. For Latin America this will be especially important, as it will allow publishers to incorporate census level web analytics data into our existing data and account for shared-environment Internet usage including Internet cafes.


P:  What Latin American market has the biggest growth impact in online research?

A.B.: Brazil since it is the single largest market in the region in terms of online ad spends.


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