The number of comments on discussion topics on Portada’s Linked In Group are a great barometer to measure which are the  hottest themes for the Latin Marketing, Advertising and Content Industries.  The following are the 6 most important discussion topics throughout 2011, ranked by the number of comments.

Number: 1 Social Media in English or Spanish?
Started by Maribel Viteri, Regional Marketing Director Latin America – Molson Coors, Fort Lauderdale, FL : Should a brand reaching the U.S. Hispanic consumer through social media talk to its fans in English or Spanish? What’s your opinion?

Number 2: Challenges Marketers Face targeting Hispanics
Started by Suzanne Hernandez, Executive Vice President, Client and Partner Engagement at IBOPEZogby International, Miami, FL:
What are the biggest challenges marketers face today when considering the Hispanic markets?

Number 3 (tied): The importance of Copa America for U.S. Hispanics
Started by Dean Schwartz,  President at, Ft. Lauderdale, FL:
Does Copa America Matter to US Hispanics?
Number 3 (tied): The “correct” use of the Spanish-language in the U.S.
Started by Pablo Carrasco, Senior Researcher/Writer, Portada, New York:
Analysis: Translations: Is this the Spanish U.S. Hispanics Deserve?

Number 4 (tied):  Employment at multicultural agency vs. employment at general market agency
Started by Roger Tremblay, Senior Partner at Allen Austin Global Executive Search, Dallas Fort Worth, Texas:
To maximize your career potential, are you better off working for a multicultural agency or a general market agency that has a…

Number 4 (tied):  “La Reina del Sur” (Telemundo) vs. Univision 
Started by Augusto Esclusa, VP Multicultural Segment – RFS at JP Morgan Chase, Columbus Ohio
Cual es la opinion del grupo en cuanto a la posibilidad de que ‘La Reina del Sur” por fin rompa con el monopolio que tiene Univision en…

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