Terra Networks had a very thorough and in-depth special for 5 de mayo, Jorge Mercado, Marketing Director of Terra, tells Portada.

The content consists of a hub was the place to go for anyone looking to organize, attend or find out about 5 de Mayo festivities. There is information on the date and its significance as well as galleries on influential and upcoming Mexican-Americans, recipes, playlists and much more. We also have widgets to make topic searches easier. The URL is the following: http://community.terra.com/resumen/index/user/cincodemayo

In terms of advertisers, Mercado says that Terra has many advertisers throughout the special, but there are no specific advertisers that have focused solely on 5 de Mayo.

Co-branded site with Starbursts
Wrigley’s sugar confectionery brand Starburst has partnered with Terra to release a custom series set of "Un Minuto Con". The co-branded site special will feature a 2-3 minute never-been-seen before video of select artists that resonate with the Starburst brand. There will be an interactive polling platform where users can vote on the "Un Minuto Con" artist videos using voting buttons that resemble varying
Starbursts flavors, allowing for true user engagement. The site will also feature bios, photos of top Hispanic artists and banner rotation within Terra.com's Entertainment channel.

In addition, Terra recently announced an ad-sales partnership with MiGente social network as well as another one with Telemundo to launch an exclusive site for Chivas.

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