Terra Networks has announced an agreement with the International Olympic Committee to broadcast the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, which will take place from August 8th through 24th. With this move, Terra will become the only portal with exclusive rights to broadcast the games by Internet and cellular phone in Latin America. It is the first time that the Olympics will be broadcast completely live via Internet and cellular phone in the region.

Terra has also developed a special site devoted to the games, which will offer 13 simulcast video channels, live and on demand. The broadcast will use multibit-rate technology that adapts the quality of the videos to broadband and the speed of the user's connection.

There will be a total of more than 300 hours of all the broadcast events at the Olympics, enabling users to decide whether they prefer to watch soccer games, volleyball, gymnastics, etc. over the Internet or via cellular phone. The 24-hour coverage will include all games and highlights, real time photos, videos, glimpses behind-the-scenes and announcements of results through the portal as well as cellular phones. Users will also have access to blogs of the athletes, journalists and commentators live straight from Beijing. Information will be updated minute-by-minute, with play-by-play announcing of all sports events and games.

Terra has a team of 200 professionals who will be working on the coverage of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games for Latin America. Of this total, 30 will be providing live, real time coverage directly from China. In addition, Terra will have a TV Studio in Beijing with satellite links to São Paulo, Brazil, where Terra's TV Headquarters for Latin America are located.

As part of this special coverage, users will have access to data on Olympic records, medal rankings by country and information on the Latin and foreign athletes who will be competing in this edition of the Olympics. Users will be able to access the times and records for all sports and athletes by country.

The Atomo Project…

Terra's special homepage, Beijing 2008, is the first phase of the Atomo Project, an innovative undertaking based on a new, 3rd-generation Internet portal concept, offering new Web 3.0 functionalities and interactive tools, and making it possible to meet and stay ahead of the demands of new users.

This new platform, developed on the basis of user experience on the web, offers new interactive multimedia tools, interfaces and ways to navigate, as well as strengthening the exchange of content produced by users and by Terra.


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