Terra Networks Begins Hosting Blogs

With each passing day the web-log phenomenon, known simply as blogging, grows in size and credibility. As part of an effort to increase traffic to their website and to offer their consumers the latest in communication options, Terra.com is now offering free blog-hosting. The Spanish-language channels are already up and running, and with the addition of their English-language counterparts, Terra.com says it will be the first outlet to offer blog-hosting in both languages.

According to a recent study conducted by ComScore Networks, en equal percentage of Hispanics accessed blogs as did general market web users in the first quarter of 2005.

The incentive behind this latest move by Terra, apart from offering its consumers more choice and flexibility, is to attract visitors to their website through what they call “consumer-generated content.”

Targeted advertorials

Advertising opportunities are ample. Apart from an arrangement with Google to feature sponsored-links throughout their website, Terra is also permitting targeted “advertorials” to appear on corresponding blog channels, according to Natasha Funk, ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Sales Research Manager. A health-related blog channel might feature an advertisement from a pharmaceutical company, for example.

But boosting ad-revenue is not the end in itself, emphasizes Terra CEO Fernando Rodriguez: “Yes, ad revenue will come either directly or indirectly resulting from the blogs. But for us, the focus is on enhancing the user experience. By improving the site, more people will come to use the site, and ad-revenues will follow.”

-Alex Andrews