Q&A with Jorge Mercado, Director of Marketing for Terra US about its new launch.
Portada: What exactly is Terra going to present on Wednesday Jan 7? Do you have a url with an example?
Mercado: On January 7th we will launch the Atom Project with two Homepages and six main pages. Terra Homepage (English and Spanish, Entretenimiento (English and Spanish), Vida y Estylo (English and Spanish), Deportes and Noticias (Spanish). The URLs will remain the same.
Portada: Are these applications going to be differentiated per country?
Mercado: The beauty of this launch is that, for the first time ever, all Terra's in all countries will undergo the change.
Portada: What new advertisers has Terra been able to acquire due to the Atom project?
Mercado: We are very excited to announce that Toyota will be a launch partner of ours.
Portada: What unit of Avenue A-Razorfish has been helping you with this project, and where is the unit based? 
Mercado: Their design team which is based in New York.
Portada: Did the Atom project have any findings about user experience-research. If so which are they?
Mercado: Avenue A conducted several focus groups to determine the navigation habits of different users. In addition, we employed the experience from our own users as well as the knowledge that we've garnered from each country to best fit the needs of the user. The goal was to create a site that was clear, integrated and engaging yet simpler to navigate.

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