Tu Dinero's advertising rates will be substantially higher than rates for general market publications. “This is a specialized product, delivering a specialized reader,” said Linda Rodriguez from corporate communications at Grupo Televisa. She added that the target CPM (cost to advertisers per 1,000 readers reached) will be approximately 25-50% higher than the current CPM for the US Hispanic magazine market.

Tu Dinero is the result of a co-publishing agreement between Julie Stav and Editorial Televisa, the Mexican multimedia group with a publishing arm based in Miami. Stav, a financial analyst, hosts the Univisión radio program Tu Dinero con Julie Stav, which airs Monday through Friday. Stav also plans to do a TV program (Univisión).

Advertisers will have the option to buy cross-platform (radio, TV, print). “The details are still being worked out, but this will no doubt occur when and where feasible,” said Ms. Rodriguez.

During the January-August 2004 period, financial advertisers spent US $3.5 million on ad space in Hispanic magazines, according to the ad-tracking service HispanicMagazineMonitor. The financial category (Financial Services & Insurance) is the seventh largest category in Hispanic magazine advertising. With banks and insurance companies increasingly interested in marketing to Hispanics, these figures could rise substantially over the next few years. HispanicMagazineMonitor reported that the total ad volume for the Hispanic magazine market in 2003 was close to US $150 million. The real figure, after applying rate card discounts, was probably between US $75 and US $80 million.

Tu Dinero. a monthly, will have a newsstand price of between US $2.25 and US $2.75, and an anticipated subscription price of between US $15 and $18 a year. The magazine will also be distributed to Hispanic customers through their financial institutions. These financial institutions have not yet been determined.


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