Telemundo Offers Full-length Shows on Yahoo! Website

Telemundo is leveraging its partnership with Yahoo! in its recent move to begin airing full-length episodes of its most popular shows online at the Yahoo! Telemundo website.

The shows are available in streaming format and include the channel’s prime-time shows and popular telenovelas.

Digital distribution of the content allows for YT to offer outtakes and other bonus material to die-hard fans. Another advantage of the platform is that it is conducive to show-specific discussion forums which not only keep visitors on the site for longer periods of time, but also reinforce their allegiance to the programming.

Telemundo is heralding the move as a groundbreaking development in Hispanic media, citing it as the first time such an initiative has been undertaken in the U.S. Hispanic market. The company says it has further plans to develop their streaming content online.