Tek Lado Magazine Closes, Relaunches as Hispanic Tech, Pop Culture Blog

Technicallyphilly.com reported that Tek Lado, the Hispanic tech, pop culture, magazine closes after only two editions. While Bartash, the Southwest Philly-based publishing house that put the mag on the streets, dropped the title, Editor Liz Spikol and former publisher Mel Gomez have struck out on their own, aiming to build Tek Lado as an online-only brand, grabbing the naming rights and the tek-lado.com domain.

The magazine, launched last September with a circulation of 20,000, was distributed in honor boxes, cafes, bars, restaurants and waiting rooms throughout the Philadelphia region.

The Tek Lado blog will still feature English and Spanish writing on geek culture, gaming, gadgets, social media and the like, the same as the magazine, but won’t have to remain tied to this region exclusively.

In a press release, the pair, who are working out of West Philly office space, focused on that value of being able to reach more globally. Rather than needing to be a Philly Hispanic tech niche print publication, the product can attract all Hispanic readers interested in geek culture online.

Spikol said the pair are seeking funding and moving on revenue plans. In its new iteration, Tek Lado is currently a sole proprietorship of Gomez, who founded the title while at Bartash.

Source: https://technicallyphilly.com