Mexican beer brand Tecate is going after the U.S. Hispanic market with an integrated campaign that reinforces its messaging across platforms.

Client Side

“Our previous campaigns focused on the various occasions when adults could enjoy a Tecate, and particularly touched upon family and food, two main passion points among Hispanics,” says Tecate Brand Manager Carlos Houghton. “Our new campaign ‘Anthem’ is a campaign recognizing and celebrating the accomplishments of Hispanics who have succeeded in the U.S. The new ads are inspiring and will certainly connect with our consumers on a deeper level. Our new tag, Con Carácter or “With Character” also defines those that stand apart from the crowd. We feel that Tecate’s bold, full flavor cannot be compared to other brands,” says Houghton.

Tecate targets recent Mexicans immigrants who have been in the United States for less than 10 years. These individuals, known as newcomers, continue to have a strong connection to their Mexican heritage and seek brands and experiences that resemble their life, culture and traditions before moving to the United States. Due to the success of Tecate in Mexico, newcomer consumers recognize the brand as a way to be connected to their heritage, Houghton says. “As such, we concentrate all of Tecate’s advertising and marketing efforts on the Hispanic segment of the U.S. population.”


As Tecate’s Agency of record, Adrenalina Partner Manuel Wernicky says, “our goal is to ensure that our work is different and ensure that we are more focused on product, rather than process.  To avoid delivering product that is safe, predictable and forgettable,  we measure our creative on delivering engagement, excitement and emotion between brands and consumers.”

Speaking to how U.S. Hispanic beer creative differs from general market beer creative, Wernicky says, “In the general market, like in the Hispanic market, some campaigns don’t have a sense of purpose for the brand.  Whether it’s frat humor, sand dunes, or beaches or clichés like mariachi hats, trumpets, etc. There really needs to be a real purpose for the brand instead of it being an afterthought or a tagline that doesn’t have a sense of benefiting the brand. Adrenalina’s branding philosophy is to orient our efforts around one central idea and ensure that everything that we create orbits around that one central idea. That way, all media types and media agnostic ideas have a sense of purpose and a role for the brand that is singular in nature and reinforces our key message that we want consumers to understand about the brand.”

Media Buying

The primary vehicles being utilized for Tecate’s current efforts are television, radio and out-of-home. “These vehicles allow us to effectively reach out target consumer with Tecate's brand message, says Ken Cervantes, VP/Activation Director for Forty-Two Degrees at MediaVest (MV42), the multicultural unit aligned with general market agency MediaVest. “TV allows us to achieve mass reach against our target, while Radio and Out-of-home complements the TV message and surrounds our consumer and follows them in their everyday lives.”

While its efforts so far have centered on these three platforms, Cervantes says that the company is keeping an open mind and is looking into all of its messaging options, including online: “Digital is still an emerging media, especially with Hispanic consumers. We are working with Tecate to test this medium and find the proper fit within Tecate's media mix.  Based on the results, we would look to incorporate digital as a key component to captivate the consumer,” Cervantes told Portada.

Cervantes also said that the company is partnering with print properties in combined initiatives involving event sponsorship. “We have found that these partners have relevant events that can extend a brand's message and provide the consumer with the opportunity to interact with the brand. One example is our sponsorship of Las Senadoras.  We have strategically partnered with magazines that have high concentration of our consumer target to showcase this Tecate asset.”

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