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NOMINATE to Portada Awards by July 10! Tests the Waters of Hispanic Opinion

Hispanic opinion poll shows where Latino hearts lie. Promotes itself primarily though Univisions’ website.


Launched in mid-October of 2006, seeks to get at the heart of Hispanic opinion to better serve marketers and researchers with relevant data.

The site currently has approximately10,000 registered users. SusOpiniones is promoting itself primarily through Univision's website. “We have a fixed homepage link under their Servicios channel,” explains VP of marketing Jaimie Korody. “We also send out monthly emails to 650,000 people in the subscriber base. We try to stagger them a bit to achieve greater geographical coverage.”

To encourage user participation, one out of every ten respondents receives a gift ranging from a $5 gift card to Starbucks to a personal hygiene product like L'Oreal shampoo. “Interestingly, we've found that respondents participate not simply to win the gifts, but because they want to sound-off,” says Korody. “We receive a lot of feedback from people saying that they aren't often asked for their opinions and that they appreciate the opportunity to voice them.”

Currently, most of SusOpiniones' clients are research companies seeking to gather data. However, Ms. Korody emphasizes that the website is of use to anyone who needs real-time info about Hispanic opinion. She says that they have seen some interest from political organizations.

SusOpiniones charges a flat monthly placement fee to its clients ranging from $5,000 to $20,000. Ms. Korody says that due to the scale of our monthly recruitment, the flat fee works out to less than the typical research recruitment CPA (cost per acquicition) and, perhaps more importantly, delivers a higher qualified, more responsive research panelist – thus a more remunerative asset to the client.

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