A new study released by Televisa Publishing and BIGresearch underscores the profound impact that magazines have on Hispanic consumers in influencing which products they decide to buy.

In the case of Hispanic apparel purchases, it was found that magazines influenced the purchase more than any other factor, including in-store promotions and word of mouth. The report found that magazines influenced 42.1% of Hispanics in their apparel purchases, versus in-store promotion’s 38.1% and word of mouth’s 35.8%.

The study found that magazines had an even greater impact on Hispanics’ cell phone purchases, showing an index of 189, compared with the apparel/clothing index of 149.

Televisa Publishing’s David Taggart points to the study as conclusive evidence that Hispanics are not only more engaged with the magazines they read than the general market, but that this engagement also translates into more sales.

Phil Rist, EVP of strategy for BIGresearch says, “The survey was distributed to Hispanics in English or Spanish, depending on their preference

The findings are welcome news to the Hispanic magazine industry, which can add it to their sales pitches.

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Portada Staff

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