Study Confirms Strong Emotional Connection to Spanish-language Websites

According to a study conducted by Simmons Research, online Hispanics have a higher level of engagement with Spanish-language websites. Nine out of ten online Hispanics value Spanish-language websites as an educational and cultural resource for the Hispanic community. Three out of four feel an emotional connection to Spanish-language websites, and 89% say they visit these websites to stay informed on current trends in Hispanic entertainment.

The 2006 Simmons study, conducted among English-dominant, Spanish-dominant, bilingual and non-Hispanic Internet users, is the latest industry research to show that the Hispanic online audience is large and thriving, and that Spanish-language websites are an important part of their online experience. The study was conducted via telephone interview, amongst both Hispanics and non-Hispanics, in the respondent's preferred language. The interviews were conducted via computer-aided telephone interviewing by qualified bilingual telephone interviewers between June 29, 2006 and July 20, 2006.

The 2006 Simmons study shows that Internet advertising has a greater impact on Hispanics than on non-Hispanics, and that the Spanish language is essential to connecting with Hispanic consumers online. Hispanics are more likely than non-Hispanics to find Internet advertising effective. Two-thirds of online Hispanics say they are more likely to click on ads carried by Spanish-language websites than those on English-language websites. More than 60% of online Hispanics say that they find ads on Spanish-language websites more informative and educational than ads on English-language websites.

with good results for Univision

According to a study conducted by Simmons Research, is the most visited Spanish-language website among Hispanic Internet users. According to Univision Online, the Simmons study found that Spanish-dominant and bilingual Hispanics visit twice as often as Yahoo! en Espanol and AOL Latino, four times more than MSN Latino and 20 times more than "This year's study proves once again that is the #1 Spanish-language website in the U.S.," says Javier Saralegui, president of Univision Online., delivers 11 million unique browsers per month.

A Passion for Interactive Media

According to studies released by Simmons and AOL Latinoâ€TMs 2006 Hispanic Cyberstudy, Hispanics interact with new media technologies at a higher rate than non-Hispanics.

Percent of Hispanics that:

Use Instant Messaging


Share photos online


Read or post blogs


Visit Social Networking Websites


Hispanics are more like than Non-Hispanics:

To visit a social networking website


more likely to view streaming video


To Download music than non-Hispanics

5 X more likely

Source: AOL Latino 2006 Hispanic Cyberstudy, Simmons