Stock Imagery: Real Latino and Pozo Digital join Forces

Real Latino Images and Pozo Digital, both web based commercial stock photography agencies specializing in Hispanic images, have joined forces.  The structure of the confidential deal was not revealed but essentially close to 2,000 images sold at Pozo Digital will now be exclusively available at the Real Latino Images website, starting this fall.  All traffic to the Pozo Digital website will be directed to the Real Latino Images website.

Portada conducted the following interview with Real Latino Images Founder and CEO Laritza Lopez.

Portada: Do you see a need for further consolidation in the sector

Laritza Lopez: Currently, there are no large exclusive providers such as Real Latino in the commercial photography sector.  So I don't see a need for consolidation but rather to grow exponentially by providing to Hispanic marketing clients enough variety for their needs.  Basically I am going through an aggregation process by going to large players, asking them to let me provide their Hispanics images at our site and by doing so I am achieving two objectives: First, eliminating the clutter of images that a Hispanic marketing professional has to sort through in order to find what they are looking; 2) minimizing the number of sites they have to go to search for Hispanic images.  By the end of this year we will all close to 100,000 Hispanic images, which by my estimate it represents approximately 90% of the currently available Royalty-Free Hispanic imagery in this country.  This does not include the images from individual photographers, but rather the large scale, commercially available images.  We worked with Pozo to be able to offer their 2,000 images at our site given our vision to be the source for Hispanic images.  The contract is exclusive so they will be integrated into the Real Latino collection this fall.” 

Portada: Can you tell what agreements you have reached recently with major clients?

Laritza Lopez: “Sure, we are working with Mazer Images to provide Hispanic images to the book publishing industry, Aetna, Grey Worldwide, Hispanicity on line community site, and others to provide Hispanic images.”

Portada: Did you finally do the distribution deal with Getty Images?

Laritza Lopez: “Yes, the collections are already loaded. I did not get a press release out since this process took very long. We are now expecting the Jupiter images and are about to launch internationally in order to license the images from the Real Latino collection in Central America, South America, Mexico and Spain with relationships with the following groups: a.g.e Fotostock, Archivo Digital, Mexico and Other Images, Central & South America.”

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