• Top Social Networking properties: MySpace leads, Sonico only Latino pure play

Entertainment sites were the most visited by Hispanics in terms of content categories, according to February 2010 data by ComScore Media Metrix. Entertainment sites, with 16.6 million unique visitors were followed by social networking sites followed with 13.7. General News ranks third with 7.9 millions and Sports 4th with 7.4. Anyone attempting to reach US Hispanics should understand the behavior of this growing online population.

According to the Hispanics continue showing a predilection for social networking and entertainment sites, users in these sites are very engaged, therefore offering strong marketing opportunities.

NOTE: Top Sites – U.S. Hispanic – Based on panel-only methodology – Feb. 2010
SOURCE: comScore Media Metrix
AUDIENCE: All Persons at U.S. Home/Work Locations

  • Do You Want to Buy a Media/Marketing Company: What EBITDA Multiple Seems Reasonable?

Through a web-based survey AdMedia Partners interviewed 7,400 U.S. and foreign executives in the advertising, marketing services, digital marketing, marketing technology, media, digital media businesses and related venture capital/private equity investors. Respondents where Asked at what multiples they would be ready to acquire companies in different sectors. In general, expected marketing services multiples increased significantly from the prior year. The median multiple of operating profits that respondents consider reasonable for valuing advertising agencies has remained steady for the fifth consecutive year. Respondents expect that valuations across all media and digital media sectors will slide in 2010, a pattern similar to last year's results. The valuations are for both U.S. and international
companies. For the U.S. Hispanic and Latin American markets, Portada estimates, that on average, the multiples are higher due to higher growth rates in these markets in addition to a lower amount of companies.

Multiple of EBIT (Earnings before Interests and Taxes) respondents consider reasonable (median ranges)

* EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation and Amortization) for the other sectors the multiple is based on EBIT.AdMedia Partners 2010 Market Survey



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