Starcom MediaVest Group (SMG) has realigned its global operations to take into account the level of development for a country rather than geographical ubication.

The moves, which have been led by the agency’s chief executive Laura Desmond, sees countries broken down into one of three groups. Those countries with high growth potential will be grouped as ‘Emerging’ meanwhile mature markets that handle a high volume of business will be termed as ‘Dynamic'. Finally, mid-sized markets with stable growth will be deemed ‘Core’.

As part of the reorganisation, SMG chief executive for France, Thierry Jadot will add the responsibility of president of emerging markets to his current remit. This includes working with the heads for divisions in the emerging markets including India, Russia and China. Iain Jacob, CEO EMEA, becomes president of dynamic markets and will oversee local heads for larger markets outside the US and Mexico. Both men will retain their current responsibilities.

SMG is also focused on its digital growth and capability through two promotions. President for digital for MediaVest, Amanda Richman will act as digital lead for emerging markets, while chief digital officer EMEA Ian James will become digital lead for dynamic markets.


Portada Staff

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