In the pitched battle for Hispanic market share, mobile services provider Sprint is waging their campaign in rock arenas and sports stadiums. “Our approach really is centered on the core Latino passion points of music and sports,” Veronica Ruiz, Sprint’s Multicultural Manager tells Portada.

In the musical realm, the company recently ran integrated programs with Latin music sensations Mana and Juanes, whose fans are fiercely loyal and highly engaged. “We really took an integrated approach to working with these artists,” says Ruiz. “We did everything from online to print and event marketing.” For its print programs Sprint concentrated on magazines such as People en Espanol, Ocean Drive and Latina. On the newspaper side, Sprint has run programs with La Opinion and HOY, New York.

Sprint is also tapping the musical passion of their Hispanic target audience by offering over 150,000+ full-track downloads through Sprint Music.

On the sporting side of things, Sprint is focusing its efforts, naturally, on soccer. It is a sponsor of the Copa de Oro, and is also backing the reality series “Juego Suprema (Ultimate Game)” which features veteran soccer players widely known in Hispanic circles. “Another initiative we’ve undertaken is with Nascar, really introducing the sport to Latinos and encouraging them to get involved through events and on-track promotions,” says Ruiz.


Portada Staff

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