Spanish-language Websites: Roll-Out 2007

Batanga is launching a new version of its website that further integrates music and video content, allowing users to “tag” music videos for subsequent search-compatibility. For instance one might tag a Shakira video “sexy” and when another user types in the term, the video will appear as one of the search results. In an attempt to tap into another widespread Latino passion – automobiles – Batanga is also developing a space where users can upload photos and information about the cars they drive.

One of Terra's most important initiatives in the coming year is the expansion of its video content channel, Terra TV. The channel will feature exclusive, syndicated and original content, including things like an auto show from Monaco and world class soccer coverage.

QuePasa is also moving forward in the video content realm, having released its first e-telenovela, “Alamo Heights,” in late August. CEO Eric Rayman says of their efforts, “We're improving the community user experience and adding new content. In recent months we redesigned the look of the site. We are also in the process of adding new and compelling content for our members and improving the navigation of the site.” QuePasa also recently launched its ringtone business, an area that resonates strongly with younger Hispanics eager to have the latest sounds on their cell phones.

Starmedia also plans to continue with new channel launches next year, and is also developing its ringtone business. Says Juan Jose Núñez, “In 2006 we have launched several channels such as Starmedia Radios, and re-launched some others like Starmedia Mujer, our women's channel. Before the end of the year, we'll launch Starmedia Mobile with the most fashionable ringtones, games for cells and other mobile content in Latin America. In 2007 we'll launch new channels that we are working on but we are not revealing any information as of now, as you can imagine.” Núñez says that they are working on offering a TV-print-online-mobile marketing buy, adding “It's very important for Starmedia to be able to offer a 360 buy to our clients.”