In-country language learning program Don Quijote is taking an interesting approach with its online business development strategy: It is now offering free, relevant content to other web publishers, such as its Spanish word of the day.

Online media are invited to embed the widget onto their homepage which is updated with a new Spanish word or Spanish-language lesson (Uses of Ser/Estar, etc.) on a daily basis.

The upside to such an approach is obvious. In this content-hungry medium, the asking price of zero is pretty attractive to Web properties looking to augment their offering. Additionally, the type of content that is on offer by Don Quijote could not be more relevant to its business of language learning.

The school has also leveraged the online medium in other ways, creating a social network of Don Quijote language students, establishing a YouTube channel about the school, incorporating a blogging component and offering online language courses.


Portada Staff

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