LucidMedia, an online contextual advertising platform and meta-network, announced the release of a Spanish-language version of its ClickSense® contextual advertising platform, enabling online advertisers and publishers to target the Spanish-speaking Internet demographic through more than 14,000 categories and provide highly-targeted display advertising opportunities for publishers and advertisers alike.

Portada: Is this an online Ad-network, a technology, or both?

Christopher Weiss, LucidMedia Director of Marketing: Both. LucidMedia is offering Spanish-language content categorization and targeting across both our hyper-targeting ad network for advertisers and agencies as well as our technology platform — which is available to publishers and other ad networks as a hosted service which supports all the major ad servers in the industry with minimal integration.

Portada: Which websites are part of the Hispanic "network"?

Weiss: LucidMedia does not represent publishers directly, as in the traditional ad network model, making us unique in the industry.  This allows us to pass complete, page-level transparency on to our clients and to optimize at the page-level for maximum performance.  But LucidMedia does have access, through our unique aggregation model and ecosystem of vertical ad network partnerships, to almost all of the premium Hispanic sites, including the popular Spanish versions of premium branded English properties.

Our inventory can encompass things like the Spanish version of and which are some of the more popular destinations for Spanish speaking web users. Our network can include content from many of the large Spanish content portals like Yahoo Telemundo, MSN Latino, and AOL Latino.  We also have access to Spanish specific destinations like Hispanic Magazine Online and Hispanic Business Magazine."
Portada:  How can this technology accurately determine the true meaning of Spanish-language Web content and advertising inventory?

Weiss: We analyze web content in real-time for Spanish-language noun phrases and key words within the potential impression.  Then the LucidMedia platform uses a complex set of rules and rich semantic Spanish-language libraries called taxonomies to determine the real meaning of that page. During the real-time analysis the content of each page is "latched" to concepts in our Spanish taxonomies, ultimately telling us what the page is really about.  In this way we do not rely on simple Spanish keyword spotting or the overall theme of the website or self declared section within the website for meaning.

Portada: Does this technology have a behavioral component?

Weiss: Yes. Behavioral, to some degree, is contextual over time and we use our deep contextual analysis of Spanish content along with additional technologies like cookies and other techniques to help us target and re-target to users who can be classified into specific behavioral segments.

Q: Can you explain what you mean by "advertiser-centric”?

Weiss:   It means that we do not enter into specific partnerships with publishers for our inventory.  We have been able to achieve massive potential reach-billions of daily impressions and tens of millions of unique viewers-by aggregating multiple inventory repositories and analyzing the inventory found there.  We have approached the ad network model this way because we found that the current solutions are advertiser unfriendly with inadequate control, poor quality, high waste, and little or no accountability.  Without the direct publisher relationships and the constraints of finite potential inventory, we are able to deliver complete, page-level transparency to our advertisers and agencies and drive additional performance and return on ad spend.  We are the un-network.

According to Internet World Stats, there are more than 124 million Spanish-speaking Internet users worldwide, an increase of more than 400% since 2000, which exceeds the growth rate of the world's usage by more than 25% over the same period of time.

Portada Staff

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