Spanish Company PodSonoro Serves up Spanish-language Podcasts

Podsonoro is a Barcelona-based company specializing in the dissemination of Spanish-language Podcasts. It features more than 30,000 podcasts and allows users to start their own.

Users can create lists of their favorites and share them with other site visitors. The podcasts are indexed by categories such as art, science, sports, entertainment and sex, among others.

Spokesperson Carlos Fernandez says that the site, which has been around for about two years, has around 2000 registered users. He says that the breakdown of visitors by country is as follows:

30% from Spain
30% from Mexico
20% from the U.S.A
15% Other Latin American countries
5%  Other countries

Fernandez says that Podsonoro does not place any advertising in the podcasts, but the podcasters sometimes include their own campaigns.