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Social media is imperative to reaching the Hispanic community. It allows Hispanics to easily connect and share information with families in their home countries, playing naturally into Hispanics’ cultural affinity toward family connections. Family is a priority within our culture, as evidenced by our time spent online and, specifically, on social media sites. According to eMarketer, 26.8% of Hispanic Internet users spend six or more hours on social media sites per day, versus 20.4% of African American Internet users and 8.5% of white non-Hispanics.

Social media strategies are increasingly a part of online campaigns for the general market, but they’re not there yet in the Hispanic market. And despite the popularity of social media among Hispanics, the number of advertisers utilizing this medium is far less than with non-Hispanics. It’s important for advertisers to understand that a social media campaign for the Hispanic market has to be focused on relevant content, and that it’s not as simple as translating the non-Hispanic message.

To achieve engagement, social media content has to be relevant to the Hispanic consumer. For example, a food-related Facebook page targeting Spanish-speaking Hispanic consumers should:

  • Include Hispanic recipes, products and visual elements
  • Be in Spanish
  • Be managed by someone who knows the audience and the market, and knows the language

Hispanics are social butterflies. 43% of Hispanics with a Facebook profile log on more than once a day. They like to engage with their friends and family, and also with brands that offer relevant information and relate to their culture. There is a huge opportunity for advertisers to engage with this consumer through social media and increase brand advocacy among Hispanics.

Carmen Torres is a Hispanic Media Supervisor at 22squared. She has more than 14 years of experience managing media plans for the US Hispanic market and Latin America. Carmen began her career at Y&R in 1997 and has worked with some of the biggest brands in America, such as Publix, Macy's, Chevron, American Airlines and Colgate-Palmolive, among others.


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