Engel Fonseca  examines the use of the digital media among U.S. Hispanic marketing executives.

A few weeks ago many of us attended Portada's annual Latam Summit in Miami. The event covered many interesting  trends which are impacting our industry, particularly the digitalization of many aspects of marketing and advertising.

Something interesting is that of the almost 400 attendees of the event, very few people shared and commented the event in social media sites which I think shows 4 facts:

1. In the US Hispanic and Latin American advertising market we have very experienced professionals regarding media and the opportunities for the market

2. We are mostly professionals that understand the opportunity within digital – interactive advertising but are not native users of the Internet

3. Been professionals and not native we're all experiencing great outcomes of this US Hispanic and Latin American market

4. Just imagine if we could put a bit more of an effort adapt to digital trends within our everyday life, how many more opportunities would emerge?

How can we do this?

1. it’s a contradiction to believe in the power of Internet as media and not to use it ourselves, we know we personally are more than people, we are unique potential brands.

2. We all have great things to share, so create a blog that can be a "Habit creator" to simply share your thoughts at least once a week.

3. Use your smartphone's potential to follow the social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter ( read, reply, reattribute and reject content ).

4. Define your editorial interests so you can know who to follow

5. Write, observe on what you see/read. It doesn’t matter if it's an issue already talked about, your description will complement others and is unique.

I Hope the above is useful to open our mind to the great  opportunities lying ahead of us.

Engel Fonseca (@engelfonseca) is motivatet by the human potential brought by technology. He is a pioneer and interactive marketing entrepreneur, founder of Neurona Digital and partner and commercial VP of Harrenmedia for  US and México within the US Hispanic and Latino American digital advertising market. Engel loves innovation, behavioral mkt, PR and collaboration . Engel Fonseca is certificated professor of the San Diego College, professor at ITESM and Universidad Anahuac both form México.


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