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Sounding Off: Chris Emme “Social is the biggest buzz word in media today”

“Social” is the biggest buzz word in media today. Everyone talks about it, but few know about the largest driving factor of social media: Gaming.


“Social” is the biggest buzz word in media today. Everyone talks about it, but few know about the largest driving factor of social media: Gaming. 

This is the Farmville’s and Mafia Wars of the gaming world and are easily accessed through social platforms like Facebook, Bebo, Hi-5, Tagged as well as directly from sites such as IMVU, and These games are free to play and easy to understand which makes their acceptance wide spread. For example, upwards of 60% of all people who participate or go to a social network site, do it explicitly for the purpose of playing a social game.

Social Gaming is emerging as a very important way that users are engaging online. The overall market is growing at an alarming rate, and the opportunity, as marketers, to learn more about this area is integral. Quickly fleeting are the days of simply relying on banners to engage with your audience, social gaming allows integrated ways to get a brands message or product into the actual experience. From full brand integration into a game ( a lot easier than you might think ) to offering your product for direct purchase in this marketplace to simply giving users the option to view your video, the marketing opportunities are enormous.

What makes this space so intriguing for advertisers is that the audience in every market around the globe and in every demo is exploding and there are solid metrics that are attained in every campaign. Whether you want to sell flowers online, drive Fans to your Social Media page, have users fill out a survey or watch your video or engage with your brand, this environment prices itself based on an action ( CPA ) in a lot of ways.

As far as the audience is concerned, social gaming is not the same environment that you think of when you think of “gaming” (think Farmville). The average user is a 36 year old Mother of two who plays when her kids are at school or when she has a break in her hectic schedule. That is to say, with the hundreds of games in the market, it is possible to target any demo and in any market that you can think of: you want moms in Brazil, you want teens in Germany, you want young professionals in Australia – you name it and you can find A LOT of them playing social games right now.

It is a controlled social environment where you can be assured that your brand and message will be delivered in the manner in which you intended. 

Chris Emme is the East Coast Sales Director for RadiumOne, a network of
social games and sites that connects advertisers with highly engaged users. Over the last 12 years, Chris has worked with digital media leaders like Excite@Home, Microsoft, and Yahoo. In his current role he oversees all domestic, US Hispanic and Latam sales for RadiumOne's social targeting solution.

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