Sony VAIO has hired agency Ignited to create a Facebook app with a contest element to target Latin Americans.

The campaign will be named "Go Around The World With The S Series" for Sony VAIO's S Series laptops. The goal is to drive consumers through a banner campaign and Facebook engagement ads to the app and to reinforce the contest's prizes while increasing overall brand awareness and generating sales.

Ignited said the campaign is specifically focused on consumers in Latin America because they are less likely to purchase online due to factors like taxes, theft and lack of trust. Sony faced a challenge when shifting from traditional to digital advertising because of this aversion in the region.   The campaign will be displayed in Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico and Venezuela. Sony VAIOS´campaign will be focused on men and women aged 18 to 24.

To enter the contest, consumers must go to a participating store and get one of 200,000 VAIO passports. The passport contains product information as well as a unique code. Then, they must go back to the Facebook page to enter the code and fill out an entry form, and submit photos of three things they would take with them on a trip around the world. They also must describe what characteristic of the S Series would serve them best during the trip – in 226 characters or less.

Campaign promotion also includes in-store elements in Sony Style stores and in select local country retailers, as well as an online display campaign.


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