Sony has released information about a television which will feature Google TV marking the first time the new arm of the most popular search engine has been included.  The Google TV experience is designed to revolutionize how televisions are used and watched.

The design of the new Sony TV is to be able to browse the web along with watching high definition television as well as use applications right from the television made by Sony and powered by Google TV.  The first unit will be their 46 inch model.

A press release issued today by the television manufacturer Sony said in part: “Sony Internet TV is the world’s first HDTV that combines the big-screen impact of television and full Internet search to deliver an unrivaled entertainment experience,” said Mike Abary, senior vice president of Sony’s Home Division.

Google TV is built on the Android platform which also runs many of the world's popular smart phones including the DROID models.  Powering the Android OS is a Intel Atom Processor which runs Google Chrome web browser to allow the user to be able to search the Internet right from their television.


Portada Staff

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