Sonico announced that DN Capital and other major national and international investors have provided an additional $1.7 million to the $4.3 million raised during last year's round of financing.

Sonico welcomed a group of top local and international industry executives to its ranks this year, including Alexandre de Freitas, who joined the company as Country Manager of Sonico Brazil in October, and Angel Gambino, who joined the team a month ago as Vice President of Business Development.

Sonico has been a part of the social network boom this year, experiencing steady growth in its user numbers (more than 43 million by late December). The company has joined the OpenSocial platform (a Google and Yahoo-led initiative, among others, to develop and share social applications); launched Public Pages, which allows companies, brands, politicians and celebrities to join the online conversations and interact directly with users; and, in November, opened an office in Sao Paulo, Brazil, a market where it already has more than 9 million registered users.

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