Social Networks Go Mobile

It is no secret that social networking sites like Myspace and Facebook are all the rage right now. And everybody wants a piece of the action. Established Hispanic sites are scrambling to enhance the user-generated content sections to meet their consumers' demand to interact with one another. Other companies, noting Hispanic fervor for mobile content are skipping the websites and going straight for the handsets.

Vancouver-based AirG is a company that specializes in powering mobile social networks. The company says that Hispanics comprise the fastest growing segment of their 10 million-strong community.

In August, it conducted a survey of its users and, within 90 minutes, received 30,000 responses. Co-founder Frederick Ghahramani says that he was surprised to discover how much of their subscriber base was Hispanic, about 14%.

As a result, AirG launched Conexion Latina, a Hispanic mobile community that has become the largest of its kind in the U.S. Conexion Latina claims to be the first social networking community designed exclusively for Hispanics. Users can chat, instant message, make new friends, post blogs and share photos right from their mobile handset.

Co-founder Frederick Ghahramani comments that mobile communities are the only mobile applications that allow advertisers to reach their customers with offers and content that are targeted to a particular group, as determined by age, ethnicity, location, etc. He points to Conexion Latina as an example of that targeted ability.

Ghahramani notes that click-through rates for handsets average about 5%, or ten times the average for website banners.