Social Networking Sites: Not Just for Kids Anymore

Moms are the hottest new target audience for online advertising. According to research by eMarketer, the highest-visited category for moms is social networking sites. While this data is not Hispanic specific, Todobebé and Terra Networks see evidence that these sites are just as popular with Hispanic moms as they are with their children. Todobebé CEO Gillian Sandler says that while Todobebé is not known as a social networking site, their chat rooms and forums are central to their popularity. “We’ve experienced impressive growth over the past few years,” says Sandler. “That’s why we invested so much in the relaunch and promotion of our website.”’s Mujer channel also targets moms with social networking components (for an article about social networking sites see page 24 of this issue).

Hispanic parenting publications aren’t far behind. Meredith continues to expand online publishing and marketing capabilities with the recent purchase of Genex, an interactive shop, and New Media Strategies, an agency specializing in Web 2.0 and social networking. While Vega, national sales director for Meredith Hispanic Ventures, said it was too early to give details, Meredith does plan to target Hispanic parents, mostly moms, through online and interactive media. The company will focus on expanding Siempre Mujer’s online presence first and then work on Ser Padres. New Parent en español publisher Steve Kantor says New Parent also plans to develop an online component for Hispanic readers, but was not ready to share the specifics.

In the general market, big companies are discovering new ways to use the internet. Procter & Gamble recently launched a social networking site called Capessa, which is part of Yahoo’s Health section. The site will allow P&G to monitor consumer discussions and learn about the preferences, interests and values of their target audience. Johnson & Johnson announced last fall that it would launch a website called the Mom Blogger Project, but nothing has been announced publicly.