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[VIDEO] Wing Campaign Promotes AIDS/STDs Awareness


New York City-based advertising agency Wing has launched an online campaign aimed at increasing awareness and educate millennials about AIDS and other sexually-transmitted diseases.

The pro-bono campaign, for the non-for-profit Red Hot Organization, includes a hidden camera stunt in which a young, attractive female walks into a bar and exchanges phone numbers with young men. Upon leaving the bar, each man starts receiving hundreds of text messages detailing her sexual history – from various partners. “Robert, I slept with her once;” or “We did it three times in college;” and “I cheated on her.” A final, reminder text message says: “Don’t get more than their number. Protect yourself.”

The video (watch it below) puts a spin on the singles scene and its preferred method of communication, text messaging, to demonstrate that choosing a new sex partner puts you in contact with all their previous partners. The video is in English, but it can be seen in Spanish by clicking on the Closed Captions (CC) link at the bottom of the video.


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