Social media is not just for kids anymore. While many people still think of social media as a means for members of the younger generations to communicate, the impact that various applications of social media is having on mainstream business and industry is undeniable. Although websites such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace are indeed popular with the younger, non-professional crowd, the past few years have seen a dramatic increase in the amount of businesses and organizations who are taking notice. One company in particular has created an online community to serve workplace safety professionals.

Ansell, the manufacturer of protective gloves, created the Online Safety Community for safety managers, foremen, safety engineers, factory and construction workers and anyone for whom workplace safety is a profession or passion. Built on a popular social networking platform and sponsored by Ansell, the online community is a free social network where personal protective equipment (PPE) industry professionals can meet and work together to create new ideas and promote progressive initiatives throughout the occupational safety industry.

The Online Safety Community has been up and running since July of 2008. Members have truly embraced the community's ability to provide a platform for them to pose questions directly to other workplace safety professionals. Currently, the social network has attained membership of over 1,000 health and safety professionals worldwide. Although the core membership is located in North America, the Online Safety Community boasts members hailing from Brazil to Saudi Arabia – a clear example of how social media can help to bring together a global community for a niche business or industry group.

"The Online Safety Community has proven to be an invaluable resource for the PPE and occupational safety industry," said Tracey Dodge, Marketing Communications Manager, Ansell. "Social media has revolutionized the way that everyone is getting their information, including business and industry professionals. The Ansell Online Safety Community functions as a micro Facebook or MySpace, focused in on the workplace safety industry."

The Online Safety community is the first of its kind, promoting workplace safety. The community is free for anyone to become a part of and everyone working in or around the occupational health and safety industry is encouraged to join at

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