Sobre Ruedas Branches Out

Sobre Ruedas is seeking to extend its brand on virtually every possible platform. For the last year it has powered Batanga’s Auto channel, providing in-depth information on various models, so that auto enthusiasts and potential car buyers can compare and contrast.

Sobre Ruedas has a radio deal with ESPN en Espanol, whereby it produces two weekly live shows,  Saturday and Sunday, 12 PM to 1:00 PM in18 different cities. Sobre Ruedas provides the content while ESPN sells the advertising.

“On the mobile side of things, we are very close to closing a deal with a company that aggregates content and then sells it to telecom companies,” says general manager Reinaldo Acosta. Acosta explains that they would provide this company with photos of various car models so that a mobile user could have his favorite vehicle as a wallpaper on his phone.

On TV, the company is developing thirteen 30-second capsules for Azteca America, “concentrating this quarter on safety features,” says Acosta. These capsules will also be featured on the Batanga channel. They begin airing in July.

Finally, in print, the magazine is  producing weekly reviews of automobiles for the following papers:

El Nuevo Herald (Miami)

La Opinion (LA)

Al Dia (Dallas)

La Raza (Chicago)

“We are trying to extend the Sobre Ruedas brand as well as get our women’s title Kena launched, so we’ve got a lot going on right now,” concludes Acosta.

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