Shying away from Hispanic FSIs, Cosmetics giant Places online and ROP Advertising

Daniel Villaroel, in charge of Ethnic Marketing at Maybelline Garnier, tells Portada that FSIs in newspapers have not worked that well in the Hispanic market as they have in the general market. Villaroel attended an event organized by People en Español last weekend in New York City.

Many marketers targeting the Hispanic market have long been reticent to aggressively place FSIs, particularly coupons, because of the belief that Hispanics simply do not use coupons; while there is evidence that Hispanics under-index in coupon redemption for cultural reasons and because some feel that it is degrading to do so, other marketers believe this is a very viable option (see General Mills article in this e-letter).

“It just hasn’t worked as well as we would have liked,” says Villaroel. “As a result, we’re going to focus more of our efforts online and in ROP.”

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