Following the shuttering of HYP Hispanic Yellowpages network earlier this month, Portada caught up with SeccionAmarilla to see how it is adapting to the digital age with online local search and mobile services.

Portada: How many monthly unique visitors does your site (or sites) receive?

Castillo De Mattei: as a local search online directory averages more than 2.6 million  visitors a month, with climbing numbers every month, increasing Pageviews indicating clearly that the users are finding more and more useful and updated information, updated content about what to do in your City is available, from Weather to Spas, from Lottery to Fitness videos…

Portada: How many markets does your local search cover?

Castillo De Mattei: Within the US website, we cover Nationwide markets for local search, from Salt Lake City to Harris County, Texas, markets with a settled Hispanic Population like Los Angeles or Miami to counties with important growth rates like Kendall, IL or Maricopa, AZ.

Portada: What are the biggest challenges maintaining a comprehensive and accurate local search database?

Castillo De Mattei: A great part of the companies today are not considering using relevant keywords when they start a new business. They are focusing on creating an exclusive name and creating a brand that catches public’s attention or suggesting something about their product or services. Unfortunately, a business’s name only occasionally contains keywords that users type into search engines when trying to find their type of business or industry. So, retrieving this type of information from our clients at the point of purchase is the most challenging issue, but in order to overcome these challenges we reinvent our sales force with extensive training and tools (keyword DBs…) to become successful and grant our customers with an all around service.

Portada: How do you keep your info updated?

Castillo De Mattei: On a daily basis our client base from the print and online directories are inputted into our systems, updated and preparing their ads for the next printing distribution and upload to our websites.

Portada: Who is helping you develop your mobile interface?

Castillo De Mattei: The various present and upcoming projects are being developed in-house, from SMS to click to call…

Portada: Who are your biggest advertisers? What categories?

Castillo De Mattei: Lawyers, Insurance, Restaurants, Dentist, Travel Agencies, Driving Schools, Real State, Finance, Bail Bonds, Chiropractic..are our Top 10..followed closely by Hotels, Automobiles, Plumbers and Florists..

Portada: What percentage of advertisers are local?

Castillo De Mattei: 95% of our advertisers are Local

Portada: Why do you think we are seeing more smaller companies enter the local search space?

Castillo De Mattei: They way we see it in SAUSA is that Local Search isn’t just for companies with significant internet marketing budgets to sell nationally and internationally.  You don’t need a great budget to advertise your business at a local level. Search Marketing Campaigns don´t necessarily have to be expensive to attract users targeted locally.

Portada: At what rate (%) would you say Hispanic local search is growing year over year?

Castillo De Mattei: While the U.S. Hispanic market is just 2% of the total search market worldwide, they are growing by 5% year over year.

Portada: What are your annual revenues?



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