Search and Advertising Service Unrolls Spanish-language Website

Mountain View, California-based search and advertising website has announced that it is launching a Spanish-language version of its service,

The company is relocating its headquarters to Mexico and has made arrangements with a Mexico City marketing company that will supply the company with over 25,000 banners in the coming year. anticipates the first wave of revenue to begin in the next three months.

The company has also partnered with Minneapolis-based Subjex Corp. to offer users and advertisers customer service in real time. The service simulates real person-to –person customer service and is intended to reduce costs while efficiently processing customer service queries. is quick to point out that the new website is not merely a translation of its English-language website, and involves new full-time employees, a new headquarters, and the new customer service technology provided by Subjex Corp.'s decision to actively pursue the Hispanic market is one rooted in promising data regarding the market's potential. As the company points out, about 60% of Latin Americans are under 30 years of age and are therefore more receptive to new technologies and services. Furthermore, approximately 74% of Hispanic American internet users connect to the internet on a daily basis and 78% have access to the web from their homes.