Search Engine Marketing: Miami Conference will Focus on Hispanic and Latin American Markets

Search Engine Strategies, an organizer of event series for search engine marketing and optimization, is launching its first event specifically for the Hispanic and Latin American markets. All sessions for this event, slated for July 10-11th in Miami, Florida. will be in English with live translation in Spanish. SES Latino is organized by search authority Nacho Hernandez.

SES Latino '06 will deliver the latest actionable advice for both novice and expert marketers to grow their businesses through search engine marketing.

At SES Latino, marketers will Learn how to maximize search engine marketing opportunities and stay informed of the latest search solutions in this area. Hear innovative approaches and learn the right tactics for these markets on "success story" case studies and best practices presented by fresh speakers that are industry leaders in the U.S. and in Latin America for SEM/SEO. The event is targeted at U.S. Hispanic companies targeting U.S. Hispanics, U.S. American companies targeting U.S. Hispanics and Latin American companies targeting all markets that include Latin American, U.S. Hispanic and American markets.

Embryonic state

Spanish-language online paid search advertising is still in an embryonic state, although online giants (AOL, Google, Yahoo etc.) are jumping into this promising market. The number of English-language sponsored links greatly exceeds that for Spanish-language sponsored links. For example, type the keyword “car” into Google, and more than fifty sponsored links appear to the right of the page, compared with just three for the word “coche.” Typing in the keyword “carro” returns 4 sponsored links. Other Spanish-language words like “hipoteca” (mortgage) produced more than 50 sponsored links.


Discounts for Spanish keywords can be as high as 95%. The reason is that there is much less competition for Spanish keywords. Nacho Hernandez, CEO of Hispanic search engine specialist firm I Hispanic Marketing Group and the chair of the upcoming SES Latino event, tells Portada® that depending on the word, Spanish keywords can be 60% to 80% cheaper than the same word in English.

The discounts between Spanish and English keyword prices are smaller in categories like Travel and Finance where there is more competition for Spanish keywords (e.g. “Hipoteca”). Hernandez notes that the cost per click on the words “used cars” was US $2.20 in January, while it's Spanish-language counterpart “autos usados” cost just US $0.35. Hernandez adds that in local search engine programs like Yahoo Search Marketing or (For more information read: “Marketers search for keywords that will make Hispanics click”, page 35, Portada® Nr. 20. March/April 2006).

Portada® recently estimated that the US Hispanic paid search advertising market had an annual volume of US $76 million.