Sana Health Group, Inc. announced the launch of its new website that combines a resource tool with its health assistance directory and personal database application. The first release of is now able to provide both consumers and healthcare companies on-demand solutions.

“The new site allows users to store their health information for easy access anywhere, HispanoSano has taken the lead in the upcoming health information revolution.". said Dr. Ruben Nazario, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine incorporates user-friendly tools and bilingual resources. These services offer access to information on everything from diabetes and cancer to fitness, diet and beauty, including insurance and money savings tips.

Based in Miami, Sana Health Group’s was developed by JeanMarie Adams.

Starting in May, the site will include a new user generated platform called “Mi HispanoSano” which when used with “HispanoSano Mobile” will allow users to store their health information for easy mobile access to their medical information. To prepare for the launch of the new applications, the company is offering the first 25,000 registered users free HispanoSano for life.

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