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Roundtable: Hispanic Online Marketing

Rafael Urbina(Batanga), Juan Jose Núñez (Starmedia), Natasha Funk(Terra), Eric Rayman(QuePasa)  discuss how they attact Hispanics to their websites.


December 6, 2006
Roundtable: Hispanic Online Marketing

Question: One sometimes reviled, but often essential, component to driving traffic online is email marketing. What approach do your companies have towards e-mail marketing?

Natasha Funk (Terra): “Email marketing is just a small part of our advertising mix, but important to any marketer looking for a direct dialogue with consumers.”

Rafael Urbina (Batanga) on how Batanga uses email marketing to communicate with its existing audience to notify them of new offerings: “We have unregistered users, but if someone wants the more advanced features, they must register with their email address.

Juan Jose Núñez (Starmedia): “We send monthly newsletters with news and interesting content to our users. We have a commitment with them of not spam their Starmedia or Latinmail inbox because we send no more than three commercial emails a month.”

Q: What other marketing strategies do you use in order to drive traffic to your websites?

Natasha Funk (Terra): “Consumer Marketing is a key piece of our media mix and includes regular ads on targeted sites, and search engine PPC marketing. This type of marketing is very specific and successful when you need to narrow the scope of a promotion to certain target audience. Mass media and outdoors are focused on big events like we did for the World Cup this year.”

Rafael Urbina (Batanga): “By last year we had grown organically to 2.5 million users with virtually no consumer marketing efforts whatsoever. This year, we grew to 4.5 million users, owing largely to our merger with Planeta Networks.”

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