Research:A Glimpse at Hispanics Households, their buying power & receptiveness to online Ads

With the goal of consolidating data from different resources and convey a clean message about the size, growth and dynamics of Hispanics online, 12 media research executives from companies including ImpreMedia, Terra Networks, Telemundo, Univision, StarMedia, AOL Latino, Batanga and Scarborough met at the IAC Hispanic Research Working Group some months ago. Portada got access to the data collected and discussed by them. Today we take a look at information about the Hispanic households, their decision making process and the role online advertising and media plays.


Key findings

The social environment of Hispanics is different to the one of non-Hispanic households. Larger households, different decision making processes and a higher receptiveness toward online ads are the main three elements to take into account.


Hispanics outpace the average Internet user in BPI (buying power index) across a variety of online activities.

      15% of Hispanics online visit shipping sites and spend 317% more in e-commerce than the average internet user.

      Almost two-thirds (61%) of Hispanic Internet users made a purchase online last year and spend on avg. $746.

      This is not far behind the total Internet population at 72% and annual avg. spending of $851.


Compared to non-Hispanics, Hispanic adult Internet users:

… are younger

 On average, 8 years younger

 Twice as likely to be 18-24

 50% more likely to be 25-35

… live in larger hhlds:

 On average, 1 person more per hhld (4 vs. 2.9)

 3x as likely to live in 5+ hhlds.

… are twice as likely to live in hhlds

 With 3 or more children and

… are 77% more likely to live in hhlds

  With 3 or more employed adults.


Online Hispanics wield strong influence over many of their households’ purchases.

Hispanics are more receptive to online ads than non-Hispanics:

Hispanics that access the Internet at least once a week are twice as likely as non-Hispanics to respond to an email advertisement: 4.6 mean times per week vs. 2.3).

Hispanics click on Internet ads one more time per week than non-Hispanics: 4.4 mean times per week vs. 3.3.

And the Internet has become part of their daily lives

61% of Hispanics said “When I need information the first place I look is the Internet”

 60% said “I get more and more news from the Internet”. They indexed 109 vs. non Hispanics.

 29% said “The internet has become a primary source of Entertainment for me personally”, a 121 index vs. non-Hispanics.

 25% said the same about ”their family” and indexed 139 vs. non-Hispanics.

 29% said “The Internet has become a new way for me to socialize or meet people”. They indexed 132 index vs. non-Hispanics.


Source: U.S. Latinos Online: a driving force. IAB Hispanic Research Working Group