Research: What you Need to Know About the “Latina Bloguera”

The Latina Bloguera, or in plain English the “mummy blogger” is an emerging force in the Latin Marketing and Media World (e.g. see how General Mills used Latina bloggers when it relaunched its Que Rica Vida site earlier this year). Guess what? According to Research by Latism, almost three quarters of Latina Blogueras blog primarily in English and most feel that being a Latin has helped them find sponsorships and readers.

Latism (Latinos in Social Media) is a non-profit organization that focuses on the Hispanic digital community. Latism also researches and analyzes Latino use of online social networks to inform decision-making businesses, nonprofits, policymaker and other seeking to reach or mobilize Latino. The organization produced a survey among Hispanic women with a high use of social media. Below are the main facts and conclusions.

The study is the first to take a look at Latina bloggers both from a demographic and a cultural standpoint. Given the growth of the Hispanic market, these Latinas are the vanguard of an emerging consumer segment that is one of the most attractive targets for companies right now.

“The LATISM Bloguera Survey” questioned 939 respondents in the United States and Latin America.

Key Findings indicate a steady increase in the number of blogs authored by Latinas since 2006 to date; with a very marked peak in Latina blogs created in 2009: 63% of all respondents started a blog within the last year. All projections for 2010 indicate that the trend will continue.

One of the most startling facts uncovered by the study is that an overwhelming number of these Blogueras (70%) are heads of household while managing to keep up with the amazing demands of both producing and marketing a blog: While only 30% report being married, a significant 43% managing more than one blog and 57% writing two or more posts a week.

Key Finding:

  • The number of blogueras has been climbing steadily for the past 10 years but the numbers really skyrocketed last year: 63% started blogging in 2009 and it’s expected to continue climbing.
  • Most feel being a Latin has helped them find sponsorships and readers but in general feel they get less opportunities compared to non-Latinas
  • Young: The largest group is between 30 and 39
  • Mothers: 83% has between 2 and 4 kids
  • Heads of household: 70% is either single, divorced or separated
  • Commitment: 75% blog two or more times a week
  • 77% have invested in their own domain
  • 98% plus are active in social media
  • A surprising 72% blog primarily in English
  • Mobile:
    81% use their phone to tweet
    90% use it for FB
    93% use apps

To read the full study click here.