A recently Nielsen study about the multi-cultural and ethnic groups in the American family landscape, notes the uses of media among Hispanics, African-Americans and Asian-Americans.

Hispanics continue to be the fastest-growing American minority and Americans from every walk of life enjoy all associated with the festive day. Having grown by 33% according to the 2010 Census data, Hispanics are now 15.4% of the entire population: at 50 million, the single largest ethnic group.

With the increase of Hispanics in America, the group now wields considerable consumer clout with their purchasing power at more than $1 trillion dollars. If U.S. Hispanics were a country, they would rank as the 12th largest global economy which is somewhere between Mexico and Australia.


With smartphone penetration of 45 percent, Mobile serves as a key source of connectivity within the Hispanic community.

Hispanics are more likely than the average household to have cell phones with Internet (55%) and video (40%) capabilities and text more than any other race or ethnicity, sending 943 texts per month.  But regarding internet access at homes, only 62 percent of Hispanic homes are connected while 77 percent of all U.S. homes boast Internet access.  That said, when Internet access is available, Hispanic households log just as much time online (26 hours vs. 25.5 hours) compared with the total U.S.

Respecting banking online, only 11 percent of Hispanic households bank online, but 30 percent conduct banking transactions on their mobile phones.

Internet behavior

According to the study, Hispanics tend to visit Latin-influenced sites like Univision and MSN Latino while African-Americans gravitate to music sites, and Asian-Americans prefer technology sites. The study also assets that Hispanics spend 20 percent less time online than non-Hispanics, although they stream twice as much video online, accounting for almost 30 percent of their online activity.

Tv… Some key points

  • Hispanics used their TVs an average of 4 hours and 35 minutes each day. 
  • While Univision Telenovas dominate top TV programming in Spanish, Hispanic top English –speaking programs are par for the course of all Americans – American Idol, NBC Sunday Night Football and Dancing With the Stars.
  • A recent look at Nielsen’s national people meter panel reveals that Hispanics are just as likely as non-Hispanics to own an HDTV (69% vs.66%). 



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