What:  Spring´s warmer weather has brought plans on vacations along with seasonal allergies. That is why, Pharmacy and Travel categories produced the largest traffic gain in March.
Why it matters: The total Internet audience that month was 227,169 of unique visitors. Addthis came in first syndicated Ad focus entity with 221,768 unique visitors.

comScore, Inc. has released its monthly ranking of U.S. desktop web activity at the top online properties for March 2014 based on data from the comScore Media Metrix® service. Total internet audience number was of 227.169 million unique visitors in March 2014.Out of that number, AddThis ranked as the first syndicated Ad focus entity with 221.768 million and 97.6% reach and Yahoo Sites second with 192.290  million Unique Visitors and 84.6% reach.

Since spring season has settled,  many people in the U.S. are planning to enjoy the warmer weather by booking their spring break and summer vacations on car rental and travel sites. In addition to the warmer weather, spring also has brought  seasonal allergies, causing the Pharmacy category to produce the largest traffic gains this month.The second largest gainer was the travel category.

Top 10 Gaining Site Categories by Percentage Change in Unique Visitors (Desktop Only)

Total Unique Visitors (000)Total Unique Visitors (000)Total Unique Visitors (000)
Feb-2014Mar-14% Change
Total Internet : Total Audience222,390227,1692
Health – Pharmacy6,1647,95429
Travel – Car Rental5,1666,50126
Lifestyles – Green18,94422,61719
Retail – Tickets20,84824,62618
Real Estate56,35766,14517
Retail – Toys12,60614,63416
Retail – Home Furnishings34,66340,00415
Automotive – Resources53,90662,01715
Travel – Information50,86558,35915
Services – Instant Messengers13,43715,37714

Source: comScore Media Metrix. March 2014 vs. February 2014.Total U.S. – Home, Work and University Locations.


Top 50 Properties (Desktop Only) March 2014

RankPropertyUnique visitors(000)RankPropertyUnique visitors(000)
Total Internet : Total Audience227,169
1Google Sites193,03326WebMD Health35,321
2Yahoo Sites192,29027Wal-mart34,152
3Microsoft Sites174,07828ESPN33,837
4Facebook137,89529Fox News Digital Network33,058
5AOL,inc.114,94830New York Times Digital31,796
6Amazon Sites103,09631Dropbox Sites30,993
7Glam Media84,84232Conde Nast Digital30,649
8Turner Digital83,43833YP Local Media Network30,232
9CBS Interactive75,79434t365-Tribune30,119
10Wikimedia Foundation Sites69,42035Netflix.com30,112
11Ask Network66,75936Adobe Sites29,563
12Apple Inc.66,48437Federated Media Publishing29,402
13eBay64,90538Meredyth Digital28,689
14Weather Company, the64,07139Defy media27,846
15Comscast NBCUniversal62,37140Time Warner  (Excl. Turner/WB)27,647
17Gannet Sites57,51742Tumblr.com26,406
19Answer.com Sites48,18444Ziff Davis Tech25,166
21Demand Media39,65246Techmedia Network24,235
22Twiiter.com39,53547Disney Online23,783
23Viacom Digital38,94548IDG Network23,525
24Hearst Corporation37,79149AT&T,Inc.23,202
25Yelp36,84650Dictionary.com Network23,110

 Source: comScore Media Metrix . March 2014.Total U.S. – Home, Work and University Locations


Ad Focus Rankings (Desktop Only) March 2014

Top 30 Syndicated Ad Focus EntitiesTop 30 Syndicated Ad Focus EntitiesTop 30 Syndicated Ad Focus EntitiesTop 30 Syndicated Ad Focus EntitiesTop 20 Ad Networks/Buy Side NetworksTop 20 Ad Networks/Buy Side NetworksTop 20 Ad Networks/Buy Side NetworksTop 20 Ad Networks/Buy Side Networks
RankPropertyUnique Visitors (000)% ReachRankpropertyUnique Visitors (000)% Reach
Total Internet : Total Audience227,169100.0
1Addthis221,76897.61Google Ad Network213,91994.2
2Yahoo Sites192,29084.62Conversant (Formerly ValueClick networks)195,52686.1
5Outbrain177,71978.25Casale Media- Media Net174,57976.9
7Youtube.com120,93853.27Microsoft Media Network US170,19474.9
8AOL,Inc.114,94850.68Collective Display159,09070.0
9MSN105,98546.79Genome From Yahoo157,60169.4
10Glam Media84,84237.310Burst Media154,54168.0
11Amazon.com83,24836.611Cox Digital Solutions Network150,48366.2
12Bing80,59435.512Exponential-Tribial Fusion148,21365.2
13Ask Network66,75929.413Specific Media133,34258.7
14Windows Live64,38528.314Adconion Media Group127,23556.0
15About61,42827.015Vibrant Media114,56350.4
16Weather Channel,the59,39326.116Rocket Fuel111,80149.2
17Gannet Sites57,51725.317Sourceknowledge Video Network98,70143.5
18Linkedin49,45121.818CPX Interactive90,82440.0
19Answer.com Sites48,18421.219Undertone Networks89,82339.5
20CNN47,55920.920Adblade Network86,08337.9
22Demand Media39,65217.5Top DSP/SSP/Ad Exchange EntitiesTop DSP/SSP/Ad Exchange EntitiesTop DSP/SSP/Ad Exchange EntitiesTop DSP/SSP/Ad Exchange Entities
23Twitter.com39,53517.41Engage: BDR220,73797.2
245Min Media Platform38,82217.12Rubicon Project219,78996.8
26CBS News36,55116.1

 Source: comScore Media Metrix.  March 2014. Total U.S. – Home, Work and University Locations


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