Earlier this year we wrote about 6 reasons why we think that Hispanic mobile advertising could take off this year. Well, a study by International Data Corporation (IDC) shows that mobile advertising is increasing at a significant pace. The research firm expects it to lie on approximately $2 billion by the end of 2011. However, apps(see our recent report on apps)  is not where the majority of mobile advertising money is being made. IDC estimates that of Google’s $1 billion in mobile ad revenues, only about $150 million is coming from apps (another portion comes from licensing fees and mobile web).

Google is the main player in mobile ad revenue, 59% of all mobile advertising revenue in the U.S. is being taken by Google, while Apple comes far behind with 8,4%. Google’s share represents a jump of 10 percent on last year’s 48.6 percent – a result of the growing use of smartphones (and hence mobile web), the growth of the Google-backed Android platform, and the $750-million acquisition of AdMob in November 2009.

A recent survey done by IDC and Appcelerator showed that 58.6% of developers said Android had the best long-term outlook compared to iOS at 34.9%. But in terms of advertising apps development, 52% of the respondent said they currently use or will soon use the iAd API (Apple) in a mobile application. While AdMob (Google) got 36% of the preferences.

IDC believes that in 2011 the mobile advertising market in the U.S. alone may be worth $2 billion, with some five percent of online marketing budgets going into mobile, compared to three percent in 2010.

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Source: IDC, Paidcontent


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