Millward Brown Optimor has published the 2010 ranking of the BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands. No Latin brands are in the Top 30 as the first one is Banco Santander, ranked 31. Movistar (Telefonica) is the second Latin brand in the 60th position.

BrandZ data shows that brands really matter. Brands are one of the most valuable assets, if not the most valuable, for any company, accounting for about a third of shareholder value on average. A company’s brand contributes significantly to earnings. This is not surprising, if you consider that brand is about reputation. A brand generates trust – for a company, for its products, and for its services. The brands in the BrandZ Top 100 list are also the world’s most trusted brands.

Main Latin brands among Top 100 were Banco Santander, as the number one brand in the Latin Financial sector. The bank brand growth 12% and was ranked 31 with 18 billion dollars of brand value. In the same category in position number 56 is BBVA, with 12,9 billion dollars of brand value. Financial category is the larger one with three Latin brands in it, Bradesco completes the picture in position number 98, and 7,4 billions of brand value.

Movistar (Telefonica’s new brand, see related article here) is the first Latin brand in the telecommunications category. The Spanish brand ranks 60, with an increase of 14% in the last year, reaching 12.4 billion dollars of brand value. In the same category is TelCel, ranked 69 with 10,8 billion dollars brand value.

The Brazilian petroleum company, Petrobras, is ranked 73, increasing to 9,6 billion dollars it's brand value. Zara, in the cloth category, is at the 80th place.

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The Top 100 total $2.04 trillion in brand value, which means that in the past five years, since the ranking was first published in 2006, the brand value of the Top 100 has grown by a massive 40 percent from $1.45 trillion. The Latin brands value in this year’s ranking is almost 80 billion dollars, meaning Latin brands own the 4% of the total global brand value.

But the figure has to be taken with care, as this low percentage of Latin brands value in the global ranking, does not represent the Hispanic and Latin American consume power.



Most categories were even year-on-year or only slightly down. The Technology category showed resilience, growing by 6 percent on the strength of both business and consumer spending. Google, IBM, Apple and Microsoft claimed the first four places in the Top 100. At the same time, the positive performances of Beer (+10 percent) and Fast Food (+1 percent) suggested that people also pursued their affordable pleasures.

Only the Financial Institutions and Cars categories experienced substantial change in brand value. For Financial Institutions, brand value rebounded 12 percent after an 11 percent drop in 2008. Cars experienced a 15 percent loss in brand value, following a 22 percent decline in 2008, as consumers deferred major purchases.

In each of the 17 categories surveyed for the BrandZ Top 100 report, brands struggled with cautious spending in developed markets while enjoying a more enthusiastic reception in emerging markets. Last year was not an interlude. Spending caution signalled a sustained shift in consumer attitude.

The Top 10 remained stable with seven of the same brands present in both the 2006 and the 2010 rankings, although all of the positions have changed. Google is now number 1 brand by far with a value of $114.3 billion, on the strength of a 32 percent compounded annual growth rate since 2006, when Google ranked number 7, with a brand value of $37.4 billion. Similarly, the IBM brand experienced 24 percent compounded annual growth rate during the past five years and now, with a value of $86.3 billion, ranks second in the BrandZ Top 100, having advanced from position number 8.

While the other brands that remain in the Top 10 of 2010 also grew in brand value during the past five years, their rate of growth was less. Consequently, the Top five from 2006 — Microsoft, GE, Coca-Cola, China Mobile, and Marlboro — each slipped slightly.


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