The type of content media properties and corporations demand has changed over the last few years. Mainly this has been due to the surge of interactive media as a major force in the media and advertising landscape.

The box below shows the product segments which French and internationally active newswire service AFP saw grow the most in 2010. The results reflect a general trend of increased demand of video feeds (both news and features) as well as photo and multimedia products in general. Media properties that most demand these types of content are web properties.









Note: 2010 Revenue Growth Rates in selected categories at Agence France Press. Source: AFP

At the Associated Press, CEO and President Tom Curley said earlier this year that growth areas include commercial photos, software businesses and AP’s international television news feeds, which is about to receive a $30 million upgrade to digital. Online news has been a positive, he added, and broadcast is stable. Demand by newspapers now only amounts to 20% of AP´s overall sales figure.


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